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Experience of the company in the specific area

Sinse its establishment until now, the comoany has been doing the following underwater activities:

  • Technical and repair works of Bulgarian and foreign vessels;
  • Participation in lifting of vessels sunk in the Black Sea, within the Bourgass Port – of motor vessel "Mehmed Aslan";
  • Excavating vessels sunk in the Danube and in artificial lakes;
  • Repair, construction and installation works of water channel of "Rousse" power station.
  • Exploitation, repair and maintenance of water- units and cooling collectors at the "Varna" power station.
  • Underwater construction of quay walls in Varna port, in the yacht port of the "Golden Sands" tourist resort, in the yacht port of the "Sv.Konstantin & Elena" tourist resort, in the area of "Varna" – Grand-hotel;
  • Protection piers;
  • Underwater repair works of pump stations, water towers, artificial lakes in the country;
  • Underwater embedding of optic cables in the area of "Sv. Konstantin & Elena" tourist resort.
  • Underwater repair works of AEC Kozloduj – cleaning of channels ; underwater video inspection and repairs;