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PRESENTATION of Aquanaut Ltd. Company – Varna, Bulgaria

"Aquanaut" Ltd. Company was founded in 1989 by corporate file N 576/1989.

Scope of activities:

  • Machine cleaning hulls overgrown with seaweed.
  • Machine polishing of the propeller.
  • Stern tube bandaging for seals replacement.
  • Release of the propeller from hawsers.
  • Cleaning of sea valve gratings, disassembling and mounting of grids.
  • Cleaning sea chest.
  • Unclogging and clogging of sea valve gratings and sea chests.
  • Plugging up of holes.
  • Underwater welding.
  • Underwater cutting.
  • Machine cleaning of ship propellers and ship steering gear.
  • Diver survey on ships.
  • Underwater surveys with or without video-shooting.
  • Rescue services and vessel lifting activities.
  • Underwater explosive works.

The company is permitted and has a certificate from Bulgarian register of shipping , from Germanischer Lloyd No 17189 – HH/14.11.2006 and Bureau Veritas N DNS/2003/201/R1/CPI for underwater works and certification of ships and floating equipments.

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